20 February 2007

(Un-) Orthodox Romanian Death-Case

In Romania, a priest and 3 nuns have been jailed
for conducting an exorcism in 2005 that led to the
death of a nun believed to be possessed by devils.

The ritual took place at the secluded Holy Trinity
convent in Tanacu village in north-east Romania
and was led by the convent priest Daniel Petru
Corogeanu (31).
The novice nun, Irina Cornici (23) who grew up
in an ophanage and who had only entered the
monastery 3 months before (and who was known
by others to suffer from schizophrenia) died after
being tied or chained to a cross in a cold room
and left gagged for several days without any
food or water. The causes of death were given
as dehydration, exhaustion and lack of oxygen.

At the time, Father Daniel had this to say:
"God has performed a miracle for her, finally
Irina is delivered from evil. I don't understand
why journalists are making such a fuss about this.
Exorcism is a common practice in the heart of the
Romanian Orthodox church and my methods are
not at all unknown to other priests".

He and four nuns have now been convicted
of manslaughter, Father Daniel got 14 years
(out of a possible 20) and the nuns as follows:
Nicoleta Arcalianu eight years and Adina Cepraga,
Elena Otel and Simona Bardana each five years.
All the defendants plan to appeal against the
verdict in a case which has shocked Romania.

After being sentenced, Corogeanu said:
"We will appeal and hope that it will succeed.
We didn't expect this sentence, but this is the
judge's decision. We will pray to God for help".

The Orthodox Church, which described the
Tanacu incident as "abominable", has promised
reforms, including psychological tests for those
seeking to enter monasteries.

It has banned Corogeanu from the priesthood
and excommunicated the four nuns.

In 1999, when the Vatican issued its first new
guidelines since 1614 for driving out devils, it
urged priests to take modern psychiatry into
account in deciding who should be exorcised.

Now, having read the above, consider this:
Ignoring other aspects, what would the Western
world's reaction have been if a comparable event
had taken place not in an Orthodox convent but
in an Islamic madrasa or in a masjid (mosque)??

Whilst the actual event here has of course been
reported, and at the time in quite a sensationalist
manner, there has been no generalising of it,
no public debates, no Europe- or world-wide
Christian or secular soul-searching, no political

Clearly what was at work in that convent and
which led directly to the unnecessary death of this
young woman was a fundamentalist, benighted,
inhuman, radical, extremist, evil ideology -
yes, you recognised the terms, all the very things
that the collective West is constantly accusing
those of who support the current revival of
political Islam. Why are they all silent on this?!?

If these are indeed "common practices" in at least
that part of the Christian world, and Fr. Daniel
says so, then this was carried out quite literally
with the blessing of the Church and in the name
of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Halleluja! Halleluja! (All together now) Halleluja!

I trust we shall hear no more criticism of the

Also, the Pope must have known about this
tragedy when he chose to select that deeply
offensive medieval quote for his now infamous
speech last year - oh the folly and hypocrisy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Practices like exorcicm take place in islam!Recently on german tv such an exorcism was performed by a turkish hodscha, driving out many devils!!

You are a hypocrit!rom