11 February 2007

"Epicurean Masters of the World"

Did you also miss out on this?
An 11-course gala-dinner at a luxury hotel in
Thailand's capital Bangkok, prepared by 6 chefs
from Germany, France and Italy, all of course
"Michelin 3-star" rated, for a mere 1m Thai Baht,
today 22,884.90 Euros or 29,761.90 USD or
15,253.00 GBP.
No names were being revealed but the bookings
were mainly from the filthy-rich from the Middle
East, Asia, Europe and the US and included
tycoons from shipping, real estate and gaming.

Officialy at least, the profits will go to charity and,
according to the owner of the Dome restaurant
where this event took place, the main purpose
was to "improve the standard and inspire Thai
chefs to raise their level of inspiration".

To put this obscene bacchanalian extravagance
into perspective, a quick calculation shows that
that same money for just one of the guests would
pay for food, clothing, education and basic
medication for 50 (fifty) orphaned children
in occupied Palestine for a whole year.
Obscene is too mild a word and everyone involved
should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves but
of course they won't be, for only good people are
capable of that.

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