10 February 2007

Mickey Mouse Heads for Bahrain

Yes really! Saudi billionaire (and where did that
money come from please??) prince Alwaleed bin
Talal is in discussions with potential investors for
an 8bn dollar Disney theme park in Bahrain and,
according to reports, Kuwait Finance House, the
region's second largest Islamic bank, is involved
in those talks.

Prince Talal already indirectly owns 10% of Euro
Disney, which operates Disneyland Paris, and last
year he secured the rights to distribute Disney
merchandise across the Middle East and Africa.

This will of course not please any good Muslim
and for several reasons:
-The Disney empire and label are, as we all know,
-The whole Disney empire is known for its
enthusiastic support for Israel.
-This kind of superficial plastic nonsense is
anathema to anyone with a spiritual aspect
to life.

It is to be hoped that, should it ever be built,
it will have to close quickly because of lack of
But, should it go ahead, it may well increase
revulsion for the West and a rise in Islamist
feelings, which would be a natural effect and,
should that happen, it would have been good
for something!

Keep the Middle East a Mickey Mouse Free Zone!

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