11 April 2007

Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy.....

First of all, my apologies to my regular
readers for the month-long silence.

The main reason is that I find it increasingly
difficult to read and watch the news:

Whether the topic is the imperialistic wars of
aggression on Iraq and Afghanistan, or the
legitimate technological aspirations of Iran,
or the continued terrible plight of the
Palestinians, or almost any other subject in
the news, the West is daily proving to the
rest of the world that it (the West) has little
or no positive role to play anywhere - in its
own perverse view, the West is always right
and the rest is always wrong, so no need for
dialogue, consensus and compromise,

and the West claims it promotes moderation,
but what it really seeks is compliance with its
own narrow interests, which are insatiable
greed and ruthless exploitation,

and, as it pursues its ridiculous counter-
productive and unwinnable "War on Terror",
the West rants and raves about Islamic
"extremism" and what a grave threat it poses
to the "civilised" world but there is nothing
civilised about the general conduct of the
West itself, forever encroaching on Muslim
lands and resources, so inevitably forcing a
healthy, natural, human reaction, which is
no more militant than the methods of the
West, and, by the way, the current revival
of political Islam is not a threat but -
a promise!

All in all, the reality seen and felt by the
rest of the world, in particular Muslims,
is that of hypocrisy, and not just ordinary
hypocrisy -
nauseating, stinking, hideous, revolting,
screaming-to-high-heaven hypocrisy.....

Maybe I'll leave the news alone for a few
weeks and see if I can write some serious
articles or some more poems - Inshallah.....

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