30 June 2007

On Nudity

The annual World Naked Bike Ride recently
(ostensibly to highlight global warming), and
the Naked for Peace section of the anti-war
movement in the US, as well as the latest
exploits of mass-naked-group photographer
Spencer Tunick not long ago, prompted me
to write this post.

My start and end point is: I do not like nudity
unless it is in the company of someone you are
intimate with. All the rest I find embarrassing,
offensive, unethical etc....
And the people who advocate it and participate
must surely be, in some way or other, deranged.

Of course I have heard all the arguments:
-We were all born naked (oh really??)
-When we take our clothes off, we are all naked
(thanks for the info - I didn't know that!)
-What could be more natural? (see below)

My answer to the above "justifications" is this:
Of course being naked is quite natural but there
is a time and a place for everything!

Why on earth anyone would feel the urge to draw
attention to a particular matter or cause by using
nudity is a complete mystery to me.
If publicity were the driving force and the aim,
surely much more powerful and effective means
could, with a little time and effort, be found and
Of course that would require some imagination.....

If it is done wholly or in part to "shock the
establishment", surely that is already well into
the realms of psychiatry or the sign of adults
stuck in the mental age of puberty.

Whatever the motivation, forcing your own nudity
upon others is not a civilised way to make any
kind of statement.

But they say: "What could be more natural?" -
I am not trying to be gross here but urinating,
defecating and occasionally vomiting are also
perfectly natural things to do.
Does that mean that I should do any -or all- of
those on somebody's table or in somebody's lap
in order to prove a point that I wish to make??
Of course not - and no sane and decent person
would do it or advocate it or even think about
doing so.

As for Spencer Tunick and his exploits:
Does he get some perverse satisfaction out
of directing all his willing victims through a
megaphone - now do this, now do that - and
watch thousands of useful idiots do as they
are told?
A few years ago he had a mass-shoot in Barcelona
in Spain, which is of course a Catholic country.
His most recent outing, setting a new record with,
if I remember right, 23,000 participants, was in
Mexico City in another Catholic country -
do we see a pattern of deliberate provocation
here? Have all these people really got nothing
better to do?

I personally know an old English couple,
practising Catholics, who spend most of their
time living on a nudist campsite on the Spanish
south coast.
Whilst they do not deliberately provoke anybody
with their nudity, I still cannot get my head
around that combination.

The obsession in the Western world with nudity
is surely a sign both of immaturity and the blind
pursuit of material values and the physical world,
superficial as they are.

As for the World Naked Bike Ride:
Although I would not recommend it, if
the participants in these grotesque acts of
exhibitionism truly care about the planet and
global warming, they could start making their
personal contribution to a reduction of CO2
emissions immediately by simply stopping


Unknown said...

It's quite disgusting how nudity and sexually suggestive content is being utilized to catch the attention of the general public nowadays. I really don't get it.

Has mankind grown so desperate that it has to resort to such measures? Is there no more decent creativity which could be employed to deliver the same message?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you mooslimbs that you need to comment on every aspect of our society. If you don't like it - shut the FUCK up and move to saudia Arabia...

Anonymous said...

what are you doing here if you are so against our views?

Anonymous said...

If you expect acceptance of your choice of religion, then you must also accept that people have different views than yours.
Nudists are not deranged and have a right to be nude!rom

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments brother Ibraheem. Conspiracy Smasher...I would love to move to Saudi Arabia. The amount of peace and happiness i felt on my trips to perform Umra Hajj in Saudi Arabia surpass anything that I have felt elsewhere.