24 November 2008

Integrate or Assimilate?

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Standard dictionary definitions of integrate and assimilate are roughly as follows:

Integrate -
to blend into a functioning or unified whole

Assimilate -
to absorb into the culture of a population

In Denmark the difference between the two can be expressed simply by
mentioning the names of two of the country's best known Muslims -
Asmaa Abdol-Hamid and Naser Khader, both grown up in Denmark.
They are excellent examples of integration and assimilation respectively.

Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, mid-twenties, a social worker who wears the headscarf and
refuses to shake the hands of strange men, who ran in last November's general
election for the Unity-List (red-green alliance) and vowed to wear the headscarf
in parliament if elected (which sadly she was not), describes herself as "a humble
slave of Allah" -

Naser Khader, mid-forties, already a long-serving member of parliament, now
leading his own new party (which is disintegrating about a year after being founded...), not married but cohabiting, three children, one from a former
relationship of his, one from a former relationship of hers, and one child together
(one might say a typically Danish situation!), claims to be proud to be a Muslim,
yet most of his private and some of his public life are incompatible with Islamic

So - do you wish to integrate or assimilate?

All the signs are that the vast majority of Euro-Muslims will wish to integrate
but will refuse to assimilate.

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