24 November 2008

Why Not an Islamic Bloc?

Post No 12

This article carries on from the last one, about the EU.
To recap: In round figures there are 300 million Americans, less than
5% of total world population, whereas we are now 500 million EU citizens,
or nearly 8% of humanity.
Muslims make up about 20% of mankind but have a combined influence
in grotesque disproportion to their huge numbers.
Now, if Muslim nations and populations wished to join forces and create their
own version of the US or the EU it would be a perfectly natural and understandable
aspiration and of course they should be free to make that decision, and to
implement it, should they wish to go ahead.

Would the Christian West tolerate it?
By all indications and actions, the answer is a clear no - it would not.
But of course it should if it wishes to be taken seriously by the Muslim world.
After all, how can you deny others what you have already chosen to have
If nuclear power is good for the Christian West it must be good for Islamic Iran!
What is good for the Israelis must be good for the Palestinians!

It seems to me that the problem can be reduced to this:
The Christian West does not really care what Muslims believe in, the name
of our prophet, how many times a day we pray and where we turn when we do so,
in other words, it is not the faith itself which it sees as "a problem and a threat"
but it has a paranoid fear of that faith being implemented at the practical level,
it is political Islam which represents the red line to the Christian West, a red line
that when crossed, as it was in Iran in 1979, and as it was about to be in
Algeria 1991/92, and as it was in occupied Palestine January 2006, brings an
immediate reaction of zero-tolerance.
It seems inevitable to me that a modern version of the Caliphate will become
so irresistible to the world's Muslims that it will become a reality and probably
sooner than most of us think.
Is there any other way for Muslims to exert the influence which is rightfully theirs?

The rest of the world, and in particular the collective Christian West, will have
to come to terms with both the idea and the reality - and the sooner the better.
Failing to do so would be the definitive proof that it is characterised by pathetic
immaturity and staggering arrogance.

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